arc jump and configurable controls

The changes for the newest version(1.2) are:

  • implemented a much better arc jump
  • change map design because of jump change
  • fix bug in bloc collisions
  • fix stand up bug
  • possible now to change controls
  • possible now to change sound/music volume
The new jump change let you have a complete new experience. Try it out and have fun!


SuperMetroArio_1.2 38 MB
May 07, 2017
SuperMetroArio_1.2_32bit 37 MB
May 07, 2017
SuperMetroArio_1.2_x11 41 MB
May 07, 2017
SuperMetroArio_1.2_x11_32bit 41 MB
May 07, 2017 50 MB
May 07, 2017


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