is an 2D puzzle game created for the GitHub Game Off Jam 2023.
Paying homage to the classic 'Lode Runner'.


You can move Santa Claus using the W, A, S, and D keys or the arrow keys.
Pressing the R key allows you to reload the room at any time. The theme has been incorporated into the game by scaling the number of puzzle elements, difficulty, and the size of the levels.

The game is suitable for a younger audience. It doesn't contain violence, has no time restrictions, and doesn't need to be played quickly.
The puzzles are also not very difficult.

Tools and Assets


Download 9.1 MB


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Hey, I just played the game and I really liked it! I love the animations and the overall "comfy" feel :) I was surprised by the cool mechanic of picking up ladder. The only complain I would have is missing UI or some kind of in-game help. I didn't read the description and couldn't figure out how to reload a level.