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2 player postcard game in style of ASTROIDS


Cutting out parts

  • 4 metroids with 2 spaceship (player)
  • 2 boost direction arrows
  • 6 action tiles (2x 180°, 2x 90°, 2x boost, 2x shoot)

Place the actions on the marked yellow fields. the arrows in circle, the spaceship on B5 and D1, the Metroids on A2, A4, E2, E4 (just a suggestion)


1. action phase

Both players simultaneously select one of the 5 actions.

The action is executed and removed from the board and only available again after a reset action.

2. moving phase

First, the Metroids move in the direction of the arrow, when they leave the board they reappear on the opposite side.

Player move in direction of the boost arrow (! not facing direction !)
When they leave the board they also reappear on the opposite side.


  • turn spaceship 90°
  • turn spaceship 180°
  • shoot (straight ahead does not leave the board)
  • turn the boost arrow in the viewing direction of the spaceship
  • reset actions (put actions back on board)


  • Metroid vs Metroid - both are rotated 180°
  • Metroid vs Player - Player is pushed away
  • Player vs Player - Turn both boost arrows 180°

= WIN =

The player who has shot down the greatest number of Metroids wins.

* * *

The game offers possibilities to play it with its own rules or with new actions, e.g.. 45° turn , Alienship, Metroid that do not move, opponent can be shot down and respawns again . . .

I look forward to your ideas.


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