A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Mosquito is an experimental game by PUPPETMASTER

You wake up in the middle of the night.
An annoying MOSQUITO sound don't let you fall asleep.

The Mosquito flies around.
Find it with your mouse.
Three areas around indicates how near you are.

You can kill the mosquito with mouse click.
Killing only works when color isn't flashing.

Each start is a little random. (flying pattern and starting position)
Every next mosquito flies a little faster.

-[Tips and Tricks]-
1. move your mouse fast over the screen to scan in witch part the mosquito starts to move
2. then you can move the mouse slow to find the second and third area
3. mosquito don't move fast

Made for BIT JAM
Voting Result
Made with Godot Engine

Install instructions

Please read the instructions and then unzip and run the exe!


Mosquito_1.0.1_64bit.zip (8 MB)
Mosquito_1.0.1_linux.zip (8 MB)
Mosquito_1.0.1_OSX_64bit.zip (7 MB)