A downloadable game for Windows

A small, easy, relaxed, non-violent puzzle adventure game.

The game was written in Rust with the help of the Tetra Engine.

I have also published my Tetra extension package Tetrapack.

In this package you can find many useful extensions that make it easy to create games with Tetra.

* * Music * *

Title music by freesound.org - Setuniman
Level music by freesound.org - FoolBoyMedia

Install instructions

1. unzip
2. run exe ( SDL2.dll should be in the same directory ) 

( depending on the security settings of your windows, a warning may appear. This has to do with the fact that the exe is not signed. )


islas_0.2.1_win_64bit 3 MB
Islas_0.1.3b_Jam_win_64bit 3 MB

Development log