A downloadable game

Illusions are everywhere.

Some lead to a harsh end and some to a happy end. 

Some illusion you can see well and some unfortunately only with experience. 

In life, everything is trial and error. This is the only way we have learned to walk.

Be prepared for a try and error game.


This release v0.1.0is only for the participants of the Rust Jam https://itch.io/jam/rusty-jam.

Unfortunately, due to a bug, you can't reach the goal.

I hope you still have some fun trying it out.

The sourcecode is here https://github.com/puppetmaster-/rustyjam21 but can not be built because i forgot to check in the assets.


Bug that I have noticed so far:

  • in the upper part of the map the player dies where he should not (game breaking)
  • jump sound is not played
  • sprite animations are not played correctly or do not repeat themselves
  • wasm build not working (error during build)